Follow the Bugler: The Hottest Portland Startups

I’ts no secret–tech has come to Portland–and with it investment opportunities. Below, as determined by our panel of experts, are Portland Tech’s best bets to bring you significant return:




If their position seems a little counter-intuitive, it is because their data is so next-level it’s on another plane, Fluurd will tell you. Fluurd, they say, can demonstrate that the two hottest trends will very soon be snorkling and smoking. To that end meet smorkling: the first snorkle to accomodate smoking.



Scradidlify is developing the Monster Rancher GO! mobile video game.




Where Biotech meets organic Oregon kale–digitally, you will find fititzly.. However, should you find that very particular and unlikely three-way intersection–which (along with funding) is something the startup is looking for–please alert fititzly.




 The first product from brx-ly-er-ify is a mobile app with three slightly different recipes for hominy,

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