Portland ejaculates: Wes Anderson announces next project

Long the only acceptable style influence of any bar or cafe in the city, Portland has a special affinity for Wes Anderson. Under that umbrella, it is no shock to see the level of excitement over Anderson’s announcement of his next project, ‘The Westerly Wind.’

Somewhat experimental, the film will be a 92 minute single shot, single frame  of a motionless, circa-1940s tweed turntable console and a soundtrack with soft plinking noises and a somewhat obscure Beatles B-Side at the film’s crescendo.

“[Orgasm Noises],” emoted local film enthusiast Ford Gloong, when asked his feelings about the Anderson project.

In Portland, few negative emotions met the announcement.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Fern Ploot of Anderson’s announcement. “My only concern is that someone may encroach on my idea to start a cocktail bar based on a Wes-Anderson-meets-paisley-pocket-squares aesthetic–but bring it together better than the other three already in town–before I can launch it.”

‘The Westerly Wind’ is due to be released in 2019.


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