Salonpas shades Biofreeze in new Portland ad campaign

“You know what doesn’t go with green?” asked Takahiro Masumoto. “Nearly 50 years of iconic black and red.”

Masumoto, Chief Marketing Officer, North Americas, Salonpas Inc., previewed a billboard that will appear near the Blazers Moda Center home later this year, and will fire a shot at recently announced jersey sponsor Biofreeze.

This is really [dry-heave] happening.
“The violent contrast of the jerseys and the sponsor’s patch will undoubtedly cause eye strain that has been known to lead to leaning-induced neck issues,” Musumoto said. “We want Blazers fans to know they can turn to Salonpas to cool and calm those neck pains.”

Biofreeze could not be reached for comment, as their public relations director is being married the weekend of this writing. Portland Bugle prays her fiance chose the wedding colors.

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